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Innovation comes from entrepreneurs, from the need to give something new or
different to the market. But how can that be achieved without investing big
resources? MODINUK has more than 30 years expertise in supporting
entrepreneurs, examining ideas and objectives, and finding the resources necessary
to turn ideas into actions.
Planning. Internationalising. Delocalising.
They are our “Mission” and today more than ever they are the imperatives for the firm
that wants to beat the world financial crisis.

Over than 20 years expertise
We offer a qualified service on company organization ( internal analysis, business plan, marketing activities) and communication (web site, socials, advertising campaigns)
A 360° company support
We can help you to optimize your general costs and to increase you customers using web and media instruments (facebook, AdWords….)

We may increase your market and find new customers abroad. Middle east and Maghreb are markets that have an high developing potential. We helped  hundreds of companies and professionals to improve and make bigger their business.
Thanks to our business relations and contacts we have the possibility to introduce European companies to the right potential customers

We face companies problems : commercial, legal, marketing and market penetration.
Visibility on national or international market is the main problem for a company: We offer to your business the most appropriate marketing tools for the specific market that you want to penetrate.


A legal entity that you own and possess that ensure compliance with legal requirements
providing a Registered Office, an address unique to you where you can receive and process
emails. We also provide a telephone service with an unique number.
Mod in Uk can also offer specific service,
for example accounting and financial services,
website design and maintenance, marketing services ,
commercial services and translation
We are experts in the Medical Sector.
Our challenge is to increase your visibility so patients will find you more easily.
A responsive website and a well located placement on major social networks can make a huge difference.



“We sow the seed and take care of Today and Tomorrow Business”

History binds Italy and Libya for ages and notwithstanding the recent tragic events we never interrupt our activity.
Casa Italia Libia, that is just one of our last project, started more than 30 years ago thanks to the co-operation between Italian and Libyan entrepreneurs that supported at all levels industrial and commercial developments of many Italian and European companies in Libya.   
The origins of this solid business are based on promoters family traditions that date back to the 1919.
To sow the seed today in Libya could mean to harvest opportunities that only a country that needs to be re-built can offer.
Any industrial or commercial sector in Libya is looking for partners to re-launch a country rich in natural and economical resources and Casa Italia Libya promotes and supports the Italian and European companies offering solid business opportunities with reliable local investors with whom we have operated for decades.
We take care about any need of our customers from a visa to how to operate locally.
Within 2020 in addition to our Tripoli offices we provide to our customers the possibility to have dedicated space and permanent show rooms in our 3.000 m2 business center in Saraj to offer to local companies the chance to select the best products and the best business partners.
A convention area of 1.000 m2 be available for foreign companies and for local institutions.
Secretarial services, marketing and sales personnel will contribute to increase the business opportunities of companies that want to sow today the seed of a successful future business.

Website Arabic Translation

Arabic is the fastest growing language in the web, a growth estimated at 25x (2.501, % in 2011)!!
Now let’s face it, if your competitor offers the same products and services you offer, but his website is also available in Arabic, where are Arabic speakers likelier to buy from??
You can’t afford to lose those potential customers, and that’s why you need us!
In order to truly have your website translated and localized for Arabic-speaking markets, you must have also your website fully "globalized" for your target Arabic country or market.
The term "Globalization" means many things outside the language services industry.
Within the translation industry, globalisation for Arabic markets defines the process of enabling a website to fully function for an Arabic target market.
Specifically, a target market is a "locale" encompassing the combination of target country, language and culture.
How much will it cost to translate my website in Arabic?
In order for us to give you an accurate quotation for the cost of the translation you will need to provide us with the URL.
With that information, we can provide you with a detailed proposal specifying the website translation planning, deadline and costs.

Suite 19, Exmouth Business Centre,
14 Hartley Road, Exmouth, Devon,
United Kingdom
Phone : +44 1395 226440
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